During the pandemic we found out just how important state and local politics are.

Those of us blessed to live in an area with local elected officials who refused to enforce unconstitutional mandates from our Governor and Washington enjoyed much more freedom than people who lived in local communities where tyrants abused their power and “followed orders”. It may be behind us, but we can’t forget and we can’t let them retain their positions of power.

Washington is broken, but even worse is that a deep red conservative state like MS is also broken. We have an establishment group of uni-party politicians running our state GOP who not only didn’t stand up for liberty when we most needed them to, but they all mostly participated in the pageantry of tyranny. We have to start local and take back over our state from the ground up. This isn’t the easy way, but it is the only way.

We have to take over our school boards, our county positions, and our state government. We saw just how bad our leadership is in our state when they shut down churches, forced masks on children in schools for over a year, forced employees in certain industries into experimental drug treatments in order to keep their jobs, and locked down and fined small businesses for simply refusing to follow unconstitutional orders.

At this time my heart is at home with my family and my business, but I know I need to do my part. My children only have a few short years left at home and my business, like many other small businesses, is struggling with inflation.
I know this may not meet some of your expectations, many are wanting another big statewide announcement but my plans are to run for Supervisor in my county of DeSoto. I hope I can inspire others to do the same, because although we may not be able to fix Washington we can refuse to enforce their unconstitutional and Godless policies here at home.

This doesn’t mean I’m not ever going to run for some other office, it just means for now I must focus on what’s most important which is my family and my local community. I’m asking all of you to do the same thing right now. Spend the next few election cycles focused on your local government and less on Washington and I promise it will pay off in a huge way. If we will take over our local government we can then more easily take over our state government.

I’m honored that so many have reached out with offers of support. So, I’m asking you once again for your support and your vote if you live in Distrct 5 in DeSoto County for Supervisor. If the timing is ever right and I feel led, I may ask you again one day for your support for an even bigger race.

Thank you,
And may God Bless these United States.