Safer Communities and Criminal Justice Reform

As a father of two school-age children, Robert knows that good schools and safe neighborhoods top the list when Mississippians look to start a family or a business. That’s why, as governor, Robert will be ever mindful of those on the front lines of enforcing our rule of law and protecting its citizens, by ensuring our first responders have the tools and resources in place that will allow them to safely and efficiently do their jobs.

Real criminal justice reform has to be on the forefront of our discussions so law enforcement can have the extra resources and time to devote towards more serious crimes. This is why Robert will support our President and his goal to reduce recidivism across America, working to ensure those non-violent offenders are on a path back to contributing to society, not back to jail.

A joint effort between the legislature, law enforcement, and our courts could spell a promising future for the countless communities and individuals who have become entrapped in the endless cycle of imprisonment and poverty. Common sense criminal justice reform that differentiates between non-violent offenders who society is inconvenienced by compared to violent criminals, who society is scared of, must be implemented. In many cases helping a non-violent offender try and turn their life around is a better long-term economic solution than years of costly incarceration.