Attacking the Opioid Epidemic

Across our state, children are born into opioid addiction, families are torn apart, and thousands of lives are destroyed each year. Now, more than ever, we need to attack the root cause of the problem and re-habilitate those addicted.

We can’t punish someone out of addiction. We must lead the effort of penalizing drug traffickers and placing non-violent addicts on the road to wellness. These non-violent offenders need a path back into society where they can once again be economically self-sufficient citizens by investing in mental health programs rather than more jail cells.

Robert has lost two grandfathers, a father-in-law and has had several close friends battle with cancer. He has also seen friends’ lives destroyed by opioid addiction – so he gets it. We must look at all scientifically proven and medically beneficial options for pain management, most especially for devastating and debilitating diseases such as cancer and epilepsy.

Opioids are not always the best solution, and we must bring law enforcement, the medical community, and all other stakeholders to the table to have a serious conversation about this issue and how we can implement common-sense policies to allow for safer alternatives.