Job Growth and the Economy

Robert grew up in a small business family and understands the long days, perseverance, and the responsibility it takes to run a business and be successful in Mississippi. He too had to meet payroll in the recession and sign the front of a check when times got tough.

He also understands how over-taxation and over-regulation can stifle not only a small business, but also job growth and the economy. He believes that a tax on business means a tax on job creation. And that’s why he’s passionate about cutting burdensome regulations and really reforming the tax burden on small business to create a flatter, fairer playing field for all businesses – no matter their size or lobbying power.

Our ultimate goal should be to have a state tax environment that is equitable for everyone and conducive to economic prosperity so that government does not feel the need to “give away the farm” in order to have companies locate here. Instead, our focus needs to be on advocating for a renewed career and vocational training programs in order to increase the number of graduating seniors ready to go to work. Mississippians are some of the hardest working people in the world – we just need to give them the tools they need to succeed.

Far too many job-creators are turning to other states that offer no personal income tax, less regulation and a larger pool of qualified workers. Now, more than ever, we must position ourselves to be more economically attractive and job friendly to employers wanting to start or expand their business here. We can accomplish this by allowing them to become part of the solution, rather than just benefactors of our education efforts and by moving in the direction of a tax policy based on the premise of excise and sales tax, rather than income and high property tax.

The countless number of rules and regulations that come from all of our state agencies, boards, and commissions must be rolled back.  We need to enact sunset legislation forcing them to review all of their rules and regulations periodically or they repeal automatically.  We must also look into dismantling some unnecessary boards and commissions all together.  Right sizing government and empowering small business – not government, should be our top priority.